Wawa - Bento Journey: ..::Bento#65 : Spaghetti Bolognese::..


Monday, September 23, 2013

..::Bento#65 : Spaghetti Bolognese::..

This is today! yeayy..!

Filled  with Spaghetti Bolognese and seedless grape. Freshly cooked this morning :)

Really love this new Disney Lunchbox. The cover attach with the body so, no worry about missing cover. Bought it from Chomey Cheeky [LINK]

Now, i'm hunting for a new collection of food pick. Really need some new stuff.

Simply By Me~Wawa Yusoff


e k i n ♥ y u s r i said...

zara x suke spagettilah
tekak melayu betol

Nadt said...

saif suka spageti. asalkan nampak mangkuk isi spageti dia sendiri datang tak sabar nak makan. tapi jarang bagi bekal spageti sebab pengasuh kata cam susah nak bagi dia makan. Ehmm..

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