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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

..::Bento#77:Mommy got BLank::..

 Bento elman Mikhael filled with Sweetcorn, Mini hashbrown and seedless grape. Spot new mushroom food pick. and this morning mommy have to raid garbage bag to find out 3 packet of Food Pick that i bought last Monday. OMG..!! luckily i found that. Ngeeee :)

 I bought all the food pick from FB page Awesome Bento by Hana Soffelia and received so many free gift. TQ sayang!

Simply By Me~Wawa Yusoff

1 comment:

Cik Puan Tqah said...

argh... sukenye.. jeles.. tqah wat bento kt hubby ltk love note xde perasaan pon..kot nk ckp thnx ke.. haila.. kene romantik lg kott

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