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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

..::Bento#109,110 & 111 : Finger foods::..

Bento 109 - Elman mikhael

Bento elman Mikhael fiilled with chicken nugget, fries, seedless grape and maruku -not in pic-

Simple dishes for lil elman mikhael. 
Dia ajak golek lama sangat pagi ni.

Silicone Cup : Daiso
Lunchbox : MR. Diy
Flower Food Pick : Daiso
Cartoon foodpick : Awesom bento by hanasoffelia [LINK]

Bento : 110 - Mommy Kael

Bento 111 : Ayah Kael

Silicone Cup : Daiso
Lunchbox : Daiso
Foodpick : Awesom bento by hanasoffelia [LINK]

Our bento filled with chicken burger, chicken nugget & Fruits

Silicone Cup : Daiso
Lunchbox : MR. Diy

Simply By Me~Wawa Yusoff

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